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Nannilam- The Organic Farm House (Farm Stay), Vellore

Nannilam Organic Farm is a new concept in eco-friendly tourism for people that do not want to be “tourists” or even “travelers”. It is meant for those select few who wants to actually understand our country, way of life and culture in a true, authentic way, that not only have a negative impact to the surrounding land and people, but actually gives back to the local families and improves the lands that help us in our efforts.

We are professionally trained Tour Leaders/Guides, have now invested all our efforts and experience into “Nannilam Organic Farm Stay”. We believe in giving an exclusive experience for every traveler who come to our Nannilam Organic Farm.

Nannilam Organic Farm Stay has been in our dream for many years. We wanted to create this special place for travelers where their wishes can become a reality, whether it is to learn about agriculture, live adventure, experience wildlife, or just chill out in a beautiful rural setting! Here everything can be a hands-on experience. For example, you can watch the fields being ploughed, or if you wish you can do it yourself. At Nannilam Organic Farm Stay you don’t have to be just an observer at anything, you can experience first-hand as much of life as you want. The food you will be served is made with local, totally organic, and wholesome ingredients, and is cooked with local expertise. The women of the nearby villages and their families are given preference to work and stay with us and deliver the needs for our travelers, so your stay with us directly befits the local community. We are committed to make no negative impact on the surroundings and have put every effort to make this an eco-friendly venture that supports the local skilled and other workers.

We are travel experts, who have been professionally trained and have worked for years as Tour Leaders and Guides with regular travel companies. While regular travel is fine, we wanted to create a place where we can give an exclusive experience to every person that visits us. We have now invested all our efforts and expertise into Nannilam Organic Farm Stay because we are committed to make this a special place for future generations, where the proven traditional local knowledge in farming, traditional ideas, and way of life are maintained and followed.

Our Organic farm is in the Vellore district of Tamilnadu. It is just 18 Kms away from Vellore town and 12 Kms away from Katpadi Railway Junction. The farm is also very close to Chittoor town which is just 18 kms away.

  Come join us for a special, authentic, wholesome, and fun experience. We’ll make sure it’s an adventure you will remember forever!

We produce all variety of local vegetables, rice, millets, pulses, oil and farm manures at our own farms. Vermi Compost, Vermi Wash, Panchakavya, Fish Amino Acid, Bio Pesticides and Farm Yard Compost. These bio manures are being used extensively in our own farms to grow healthy and hygienic vegetables.

Sudhakar Selwyn & Family – Founders & Promoters

Sudhakar Selwyn

A travel professional (Trip Leader / GUIDE) travelled to more than 50 countries as a Tour leader and on business and have explored most of the destinations in India multiple times in delivering some life changing and authentic experiences for the travelers from all over the world.

“Nannilam” is the result of my dream of building a place where the traditional values are maintained and practiced. I have been always supporting the fact that life has to co- exist along with nature.

Nannilam- The Organic Farm House

We are professionally trained Tour Leaders/Guides, have now invested all our efforts and experience into “Nannilam”. We believe in giving an exclusive experience for every traveler who come to our camp.

We are committed to make no impact on the surrounding and have put every effort to make this eco- friendly and support the local skilled and other labour.

We are hundred percent sure that we will use only the proven traditional local knowledge in farming sector and that will be the backbone for our wholesome experience.

We have created this place to cater varied travelers having interests in Agriculture, Adventure, wildlife or just to chill out in the rural set up! The food we are providing you is local and cooked by local expertise. The women and families are given preference to work and stay with us and deliver the needs for our traveler. We are committed to through our “Nannilam” to give to make this a place for future with the traditional ideas maintained and followed.


We have built 2 Bamboo cottages and 2 Tents in our Farm to make your stay comfortable. We have built these facilities by using 80 % of the products which can be either reused or can easily disintegrate with nature. We are also having an irrigation tank in the middle of the accommodation, which can double up as pool to cool yourselves on a hot day. Please remember it is a farm stay and the fringes of the reserve forest. Definitely you will encounter some uninvited visitors coming to say hello to you.

We also raise Cows, Bulls, Hens and Dogs in the Farm. They are generally friendly with every one and you can see them grazing in the farm land.

Camping site

You can either bring your own camping gear or hire one from us. You can pitch your tent in the marked area and enjoy your night with us. You make use of the common facilities and in the day time use our Gazebo for relaxing.


Naddu Veedu - Rural Kitchen

This is a small kitchen functioning in the front yard of the Naddu Veedu. Sivakami and Jayamma are in charge of the kitchen. They will prepare vegetarian Breakfast, lunch and Dinner. The menu for the day will be available the previous evening with the Resort Manager. Non vegetarian menu will be available on pre order and availability of organic meat/Chicken

You can see how they cook the authentic local food. You can see how well they manage to keep the authentic utensils, stoves and ingredients to cook them. If you are interested, you are welcome to join them in the day activities. Country chicken and Country eggs can be cooked for those who like Non Vegetarians and needs prior information.

Every meal except Breakfast is treated extra and we request you to pay at the time of order. The meals will be served only at the particular timings.

Wheat Spices Bread


Type Rent
Bamboo Cottage Rs 2500/ per day
Tent Rs 2000/ per day
Extra person Rs 500/ per day

Children below 12 are free to stay with their parents.

Food Food

Food Food

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